Scholars & Gentlemen

Scholars & Gentlemen filmed these two pieces for storytelling giants, “Great Big Story“.

“The Double Life of the Treasure Farmer”

Gilbert Faku splits his time between two very different pursuits. Most days, he’s a farmer and rancher in the remote Eastern Cape region of South Africa. His livelihood depends on his cattle herd. But Faku’s other passion takes him on adventures most of us read about in storybooks. He doubles as a treasure hunter in an area where a Portuguese merchant ship once wrecked near the shore. Come dig with Faku and take a peek at his rare collection of treasures.

“Going Out in Style”

Creative expression is part of what makes us human — why should that end after we’ve passed on? In Ghana, Anang Kwei and his children help the families of the deceased celebrate the lives of their loved ones with custom-made, handcrafted coffins. And when we say custom-made, we mean *custom.* From colorful fish to cars or tools, whatever a family wants to represent an aspect of the life that was, the Kweis will deliver a fantasy coffin made with care and exquisite craftsmanship.

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